All news articles for May 2024

Image: R&D project evaluating the effect of light treatments on the growth of basil plants. The team at Square Roots brings their knowledge of the grow platform together with the experiment goals of the company's partners.

Let there be dark: Square Roots on why it’s farming without light

By Oliver Morrison

US indoor farmer Square Roots is growing plants in the dark using gene edited (CRISPR) technology. The move could make indoor farming significantly more viable and sustainable, especially in low and middle-income countries, by reducing energy needs and...

Biotech company FabricNano hopes it can utilise enzymes to make the enhanced rock weathering process more efficient and scalable.

Enhanced rock weathering: could enzymes be key to smooth scaling

By Oliver Morrison

There is much excitement surrounding the potential benefits for carbon capture and soil improvements offered by the process of enhanced rock weathering. However, it is at present seen as too expensive to scale. A London biotech is therefore applying enzymes...

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