Why am I being asked to Register?

Why am I being asked to Register?

To get unlimited access to AgTechNavigator’s news content, we simply ask our readers to register with us.

Registering is a free and simple way to help us sustain our independent journalism. When users sign in, we can build deeper relationships that help our strategy in several ways: it can help us provide a better reader experience, deepen engagement with our journalism, and strengthen our advertising proposition with a more targeted approach.

We understand that every single one of our readers is unique. The founder of an Ag-Tech start-up has different interests to the CEO of a biotechnology company. We want everyone's experience on AgTechNavigator to be as informative as possible; gaining a deeper understanding of the content our readers are engaging with allows us to provide a content experience that is better suited to their needs going forward.

As we still rely on advertising to fund our publication, one of the ways we safeguard the future of our journalism is by using data.  When you sign in, we can collect and store your data to better inform the marketing and advertising that we tailor to you. We believe that advertising shouldn’t be a hindrance but can help you if it is relevant and appropriate.

You will always be able to control your privacy. We think carefully about our use of your data. We have a privacy notice and a cookie statement that explains how we collect, use, share and transfer your data and a team dedicated to keeping any data we collect safe and secure.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and help us help your business!

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