The 6 problems you get from asking consumers about regen ag

As regen ag continues to gain momentum as a leading model for sustainable agriculture, a European study shows that consumers are curious to learn more. But the survey also serves to illustrate that the food system cannot be easily fixed. It faces complex...

Denmark introduces world's first carbon tax on agriculture

Denmark will introduce the world’s first carbon tax on agriculture following a landmark agreement by seven negotiating parties, including the government, farmer organizations, trade unions, industry representatives, and environmental NGOs.

Farmbot fundraise illustrates demand for water saving solutions

As water scarcity intensifies and environmental pressures mount, smart water management is becoming essential for ensuring the sustainability and productivity of agriculture. Leveraging data, technology, and best practices can help farmers grow more with...

Regen ag: Undefined and unable to feed the planet?

Yes, its broad principles offer a promising path towards sustainable nutrition and food security for the future. But without a standard definition regen ag risks becoming a soon-disregarded fad, it has been warned.

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