Press Releases - Guidelines

Who we are

William Reed is a global B2B media company, dedicated to informing business growth. An audience of millions rely on our up-to-the-minute digital media, quality journalism and specialist research and insight. Our specialist titles span the food, beverage, nutrition, animal feed, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

What information we look for in your press releases

The press releases that are most likely to grab our attention are non-promotional and instead provide our journalists with new information, insights or analysis that will have an impact on the wider industry. We appreciate press releases that provide us with the following:

  • Individual company announcements that will have a material impact on business performance, strategy or the wider industry
  • Insight into a particular trend or topic of significant interest to the industry
  • Academic or independent research relevant to the core areas of our coverage
  • Insight provided by respected individuals within the industry
  • Context on the company involved, including: where it is headquartered, turnover figures, and which regions and markets it operates in

What will increase our coverage of your press releases

We do not reproduce press releases, but we do look to use them to build a story and that will often depend on what is offered within. We are more likely to be interested if they offer the following:

  • The content is exclusive or is provided under embargo (with a specific time/date when this is lifted)
  • An interview is offered with a relevant individual to provide extra detail on the potential story
  • The company is receptive to enquiries asking for more information and a media contact is clearly listed
  • Additional media is provided, such as high-resolution images or multi-media content

How to get in contact

For further information on our editorial policy, please feel free to contact any of our respective editors.


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