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Image: Getty/JGalione

How multiomics is supporting agricultural analysis

By Oliver Morrison

Science continues to explore new ways to make agriculture more efficient in the modern world, taking a thorough approach to research and leaving nothing off of the table, including the impact of climate change. Here, we talk with Partha Banerjee, PhD,...

Image: Aphea.Bio has so far launched two products: a biostimulant seed treatment for wheat and a maize biostimulant. Image: Getty/Roelof Bos

How biostimulants can win where GMs didn't

By Oliver Morrison

Aphea.Bio’s recently appointed chairman Hadyn Parry predicts ‘huge’ growth for biological crop protection products. Biostimulants are GM-free of course, but the market is well-placed to avoid the mistakes of the past, he tells AgTechNavigator.

Image: SaliCrop/Guy Shery

Seed enhancement tech aims to make deserts bloom

By Oliver Morrison

Israeli desert technology specialist SaliCrop has developed a novel, non-GMO approach to bolster seed resilience to abiotic stresses brought on by extreme climate challenges. According to SaliCrop, the solution can help boost crop cultivation in arid...