RootWave kills weeds using electricity, helping nature restore soils, water and biodiversity. eWeeding is powered by the tractor and uses significantly less energy than chemical weed control, this means it is cheaper for farmers and growers on a per-hectare basis.

The RootWave eWeeder for fruit is available now for UK orchards and vineyards. The eWeeder for fruit kills all weeds and their roots. eWeeding generates heat within the weed and root, killing it instantly. Growers can treat when windy, immediately before and after rain, near water courses and in environmentally sensitive areas. eWeeding means growers can plan treatment programmes to fit in with busy farm schedules and treat when best for the crop.

RootWave is friendly for micro and macrofauna including earthworms, and doesn’t disturb the soil, allowing it to heal and capture more carbon. eWeeding is chemical-free keeping the environment and food safe and free of harmful chemical residues.

Email address: uryyb@ebbgjnir.pbz

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