Agri Sciences Biologicals

Agri Sciences Biologicals

Agri Sciences Biologicals provides development and manufacturing expertise in biological inputs for agriculture and horticulture.

We develop solutions based on biostimulants and bio-nutrients, to help growers maximize crop quality and yields. By harnessing the incredible potential of biology and the marvels of natural chemistry, we aim to support more sustainable crop production for generations to come.

We innovate with by-product ingredients to support a more circular economy and reduce the waste generated in agriculture and food supply chains.We partner with companies who wish to supply innovative, biological solutions to customers around the world.Our portfolio continues to expand as we commercialize new technologies and products.

We are constantly striving to drive yields up and drive waste down, through innovative use of biological materials.With a global headquarters based in the Netherlands, Agri Sciences Biologicals is able to efficiently supply and support our customers through existing global supply chain infrastructure.

The company is a natural evolution of our parent company Agri Sciences, and builds on a heritage of agricultural and manufacturing expertise.

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