AGRIVI is a global agtech company offering comprehensive digital agriculture solutions that empower farmers and agrifood companies across the value chain to produce healthy, safe, and nutritious food in an efficient and sustainable way. AGRIVI is dedicated to drive transformation in industry by focusing on technology, innovation, and sustainability in improving the agrifood sector.​ Its mission is to empower farmers and agrifood companies with intelligent technology solutions, facilitating economically and environmentally sustainable and traceable food production​.

Delivering powerful digital agriculture solutions, AGRIVI is providing digitalization of farm businesses, enhancing food transparency and safety, promoting regenerative agriculture practices, and offering farmers AI-powered advice and knowledge, by prioritizing both digitalizing farming methods and fostering collaboration across the agrifood value chain. AGRIVI's impact is global, supporting Fortune 500 companies and farmers in over 100 countries. With a network of 20 partners, ​AGRIVI has positively influenced thousands of farmers worldwide. Recognized among the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe​ and consistently holding a top position in the Precision Farming segment of the FoodTech500 list​, AGRIVI's commitment to positive impact is evident. AGRIVI is a part of global initiatives as a UN Global Compact, OECD-FAO Advisory Group for Responsible Agriculture Supply Chains, and ambassadors at EIC​. AGRIVI advocates for the digital transformation of the agrifood industry, establishing its position as a pioneer in shaping the AgTech landscape.

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